Custom Portrait Artist – Julia Harlow Valeski

Artist Julia Harlow Valeski
It brings me great happiness to have this opportunity to share my art with you. My mother was an artist and my father an art collector, so artistic expression was an important part of my life. In college I engaged in oil painting and three dimensional design. When living in Salt Lake City, Utah I explored working in watercolor.

With two sons to raise, painting faded into the background. After the boys were pretty much on their way I began working as an interior designer putting my college major to use. One of my clients was an artist and when I would go to her home, I was always drawn to the studio where she painted. There would be a painting on her easel and she would share all that she had learned in a class. These times made me realize how much I wanted to engage in painting again. Christmas of 2012 was near and I put out the word to my family that art supplies were at the top of my list. They were kind to satisfy the request.

It has been three years and painting has become a major focus in my life. It is a wonderful feeling to be lost in the creation of an image that represents my view of a person, event or scene.

My hope is that you will enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.